Release Notes

v6.4 – New Dashboard for Learners
An all-new dashboard experience is now the starting place for all LEAD™ learners.
v6.3 – Introducing Communities and Tasks!
Communities Admins and leaders now have the ability to create any number of Communities in LEAD, giving users the opportunity to engage in discussion with one another by posting and… Read More
v6.2 – Tweaks to Terms (but not the “and Conditions” kind)
We updated the functionality of Terms! Now admins can set conditional start and end dates based on number values (e.g., “The user’s previous Term ID = 1”) and trigger events… Read More
v6.0 – Introducing the Parish Portal!
Created a new Parish Portal to allow both Global Leaders (oh yeah – that’s a new role!) and Local Leaders to manage learners. Features include:
v2.2 – Assignments
Leaders can now add Assignments to Learning Paths. Learners can submit their response – either in text or an uploaded file – for their leader’s review; once a leader marks… Read More
v2.1 – Electives
Courses on a Learning Path can now be marked as “elective” and therefore not required for the completion of said Learning Path.