v6.3 – Introducing Communities and Tasks!


Admins and leaders now have the ability to create any number of Communities in LEAD, giving users the opportunity to engage in discussion with one another by posting and replying to comments and questions.

  • Communities can be scoped however an admin desires. For example, you can set up a Community only for all your Local Leaders, or only for learners from a specific parish who’ve also been trained for a given ministry.
  • Communities can be as big or small as needed.


Admins and leaders can now create small, timely items for specified Learners to complete distinct from learning content. This is especially helpful for compliance requirements (e.g., acknowledging changes to your staff handbook).

  • Tasks can require users to view, acknowledge, sign, or submit a file for completion.
  • Users will receive emails and tray notifications when assigned a task.
  • Admins and leaders can review completion stats in the Tasks dashboard.