LEAD™ Enterprise

Originally designed for groups of affiliated churches spread across a large geographical area, LEAD™’s customizable design lends itself well to several other types of organizations. Our Enterprise customers in the municipal fire and safety, nonprofit, and business sectors are leveraging LEAD™ to deliver free and premium learning content to their users.

Easy to use, wherever your people are

Deliver educational content 100% remotely, in-person, or choose a hybrid. With features like our Zoom integration, LEAD™ lets you keep track of your learners’ progress asynchronously or in real time.

No more paying per learner

Whether you have 10 or 10,000 employees, one affordable license lets you train everyone you need to across all your locations.

Ensure compliance and track completions and certifications

LEAD™ lets you assign required learning content to users based on role, location, or length of tenure. It also gives you multiple options for reporting and follow-up, and even lets you generate custom certificates.

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