Reader and Lector Training

LEAD saves you time and frustration formingcatechizing, and training your parishioners for service.

Easy to use, wherever your people are

Offer catechesis and training to suit the needs of your community: 100% online, in-person, or a hybrid. Whatever you choose, LEAD helps you and your learners stay in sync and mutually accountable.

Give liturgical ministers the practical and theological instruction they need

With trusted content tailored to specific ministries, you can ensure that everyone has the right formation for their chosen role.

Streamline communications and record-keeping

No more manually updating spreadsheets!

Ever asked, “Who’s got the master list of everyone trained to serve here?” LEAD makes it easy to know who’s who, and who’s trained for what.

Once a reader has completed his or her formation, LEAD will automatically notify them and you, and let you send targeted emails, text messages, and notifications to any or all of your learners.

Ready to see how LEAD can help your parish?

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